Volunteer With Afresist

We are expanding our team and are excited to announce that we are looking for dynamic volunteers in the areas of social media and research.

Who are we looking for?

We welcome young, passionate and creative people from across Africa and in the diaspora to apply. It does not matter your professional or educational background, as long as you are 18-30 and have time and can access the internet. We work virtually so most of the work will be done online.

We currently looking for a Social Media Curation, Web Design Support, Graphics Design Support and Reascrh Support volunteer to support our work.

What will Afresist offer you?
  • You will have an opportunity to improve your current skills and grow professionally by helping find solutions to specific areas you are involved in.
  • You will become part of and connect with an amazing network of like-minded young people from across Africa from various backgrounds with various skill sets.
  • Your profile will be shared on the Afresist website.
  • Upon the successful completion of your full commitment, you will receive a letter of recommendation from Afresist for your professional, self-development or educationa
How to apply?

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