Théophane Nzame-Biyoghe

Théophane Nzame-Biyoghe


Théophane Nzame-Biyoghe is a Gabonese writer, debater and chronicler.

His experience in the Gabonese civil society started in 2012, by the creation of the Youth in Action association, engaged to promote free expression of Gabonese youth on the social, political and economic issues of Gabon.

At the head of that organization, he took part, among other things, in the drafting of the National youth policy of Gabon. He later joined ‘‘ROJALNU Gabon’’ (partner of the United Nation’s system in Gabon) as International Relations Officer, then elected as Secretary General.

In that role, he actively contributed to the popularization in Gabon of the Millennium Development Goals and helped promote biometrics in electoral polls in his country, with the Gabonese Ministry of Interior.

After the 2016 Gabonese presidential election, he published in France his first book, entitled ” Plaidoyer pour une révolution sociale au Gabon’’ (Advocacy for a social revolution in Gabon). His second book, ” Nous redresser maintenant! ” (which could be translated as : (Let’s straighten our backs now), was published in 2018.

Member of Afrika Youth Movement since 2014, he was appointed in 2017 by One Young World as Coordinating Ambassador for the Central Africa region.