Syeda Re'em Hussain

Syeda Re’em Hussain

Leadership Lead

Syeda Re’em Hussain is a Pan-African feminist. She is an Art of Hosting practitioner and early career International Relations scholar. She is passionate about cultivating safe spaces for learning, reflection and empowerment.  

She has served as a committee member of Friends of City Park, Nairobi, Kenya; and has sat on the National Council for the Kenya Girl Guides Association. She has worked in Egypt and Kenya.

She holds a M.A in International Human Rights Law and a B.A in International Relations. She is currently a PhD candidate in International Relations doing research on public space and protest.

She has published two works; an article titled “Reclaiming the City: Guerrilla Gardening in Nairobi,” and a book titled “Hip-Hop: Lessons From The Frontline. The Disenchantment of Liberal Legal Discourse”   which is a development of her M.A Thesis.