Sanaa Makawi


Sanaa Makawi is a feminist and a pan Africanist graduated from the faculty of Arts University of Khartoum. She has been working on women issues for more than 6 years in Sudan.

Since 2011, she has been engaged with Salmmah Women’s Resource Center in Khartoum in different capacities. Through her work, Sanaa developed experiences on studies and research, violence against women and youth empowerment.

She is also a member in different regional and international feminists allies and collations like women’s living under Muslims laws solidarity network.

Sanaa developed an interest in Sexuality and Reproductive justice issues on which she focuses now.  she is recently part of the Institute of Reproductive health and Rights as program manager through her position she is a co-Founder and coordinator of Sudan Sexual reproductive health and Rights network. Moreover, Sanaa has a passion to research filed and she works as a research assistant in different advocacy action research and book projects.

Sanaa joined Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) in 2015. Her main goal has been to connect Sudanese youth to join the pan Africanist youth movement and develop awareness towards it. She believes that Sudanese youth under the Islamic regime were disconnected from their African identity because of the Arabization and Islamization project that started in 1989 after the Islamic military coup. She is now part of AYM gender equality committee.