Jemila Abdulai


Jemila is the creative director and founding editor of the award-winning; a digital platform and company created in 2007 and dedicated to meaningful insights, interaction and creative action related to Africa(ns).

An economist by training and a creative at heart, she has been writing since she was 10 and uses digital technologies to explore the nuances and interactions between African culture, policy, leadership and human-interest issues.

Jemila excels at creating content, connections and conversations. She combines her business, communications and project management expertise with her strong passion for economics.

She works with Africa-oriented brands, companies and organizations to leverage digital content and tools. Alongside her work in policy and communications, Jemila creates and delivers engaging and interactive digital and career skills trainings for professionals, SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to use digital resources effectively.

A TEDx Speaker and author of Caine Prize Anthology short story “#Yennenga”, her work has been featured widely. More recently, Jemila has applied her storytelling skills to film. She secured her MA in International Economics and International Affairs from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a B.A. in Economics and French from Mount Holyoke. Jemila has worked in over 10 countries, mainly African.