Afresist Alumni

Lilian Sospeter

Lilian Sospeter is a Tanzanian girls and women rights activist, and an alumni of the Afresist youth leadership program 2019.

She runs the “MENTOR INSPIRE YOUNG GIRLS” mentorship program for secondary school girls, providing guidance to young girls in her community on how they can unleash their potential and became confident enough to go for their dreams at a young age. She also volunteers at Voluntary Service Oversees (VSO) as a business development service officer.

Okello Joseph
South Sudan

Okello Joseph is a South Sudanese documentary filmmaker, writer, poet and an alumni of Afresist Youth Leadership Program 2019. He is as an editor and photographer for the Refugee Magazine with FilmAid International and writes for Kanere News – a private online publication run by writers in Kakuma Refugee Camp who publish untold stories from the camp.

In 2017, Okello took part in the Outrage is not enough (Voices from Kenya) campaign with Amnesty International, helping amplify stories and voices of refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp. He has also worked with the World Economic Forum where he filmed 4 documentaries: The Soap Making, Teresa Story, YGL Visit and I am The Code Project which was screened at Nasdaq 4 Times Square, New York.

Peter Nguafac Fongeh

Peter Nguafac Temate Fongeh is from Cameroon, The founder of Vision in Action Cameroon; a community-based Organisation dedicated to empowering adolescents, girls and young women on sexual reproductive health through information and skills training to help make informed choices.

He holds a Diploma in Community Health offered by the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) Nairobi, Kenya. A Bachelors in Community and Public Health from the Pan African Institute for Development West Africa (PAID WA) and a Masters in Sexual Reproductive health Right in Africa from the centre for human rights University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Fatimata Toure

Fatimata is consultant to Cabinet 2AConsulting, she is a Blogger on several platforms such as “the Mondoblog RFI media workshop”, “Doniblog”, and the blogger community of Mali and “Benbere” .

She is an activist, and Country Director of the global Peace Chain Mali, as well as Communication Officer of the CPLA-Togo African Leadership Programs Camp.

She also represented Mali at the second international conference of young French speakers in Switzerland where she actively participated in the preparation of the declaration of young French speakers submitted to several heads of state.

Alhafiz Hassan Ahamat

Alhafiz Hassan Ahamat is a Chadian youth volunteer and member of several civil associations. He is one of the founding members and the current Secretary-General of “Action Pour la Solidarité et le Soutien aux Couches Vulnérables” (Action for Solidarity and Support for Vulnerable groups), an association that works to assist those who are morally, physically and technically deprived of guidance.

He is also Country Director of Global Peace Chain in Chad. He was awarded the best Country Director of the Global Peace Chain in Johannes- burg, South Africa, during its Global Peace Summit from 24 to 25 April 2019. Alhafiz is also the Coordinator of the global youth program within the Youth Section of the United Nation Association in Chad, which promotes the values of the UN.

Malcolm Mukwaya Allan

Malcolm, is a Lawyer and Human Rights Activist with proficient skills in community life competence including case identification and management. Malcolm has good skills in policy advocacy and is a musical and drama producer and director and also an agriculturist experienced in conflict resolution, community empowerment, monitoring and evaluation, financial management and also posses strong lobbying, litigation and organisational skills with a range of Local and International Civil Society Organizations

A focus has been on working for the inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups, including Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Women, Men, Adolescents and Young People, Older People, People with Disabilities, Sex Workers and People Living with and affected by HIV&AIDS and LGBTI Community among others into development programmes, policies and plans.

Eden Makena Jilliani

Makena Jillani is passionate about the Environment, Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, and LGBTIQ rights. Through the ‘Bridges of Love Initiative’, she has been part of efforts to sensitise clergy on LGBTQIA+ rights and sensitization of myths and misconceptions of LGBTQIA+ person’s.

She also works on income-generating activities for the LGBTQIA+ community and does training and facilitation in the queer community through barazas. Makena has recently been more involved in social and reproductive health rights for queer persons as a facilitator. She is also closely working with women-led organizations in her community that focus on Education, Sexual reproductive health and business.

She is based in Mombasa, Kenya.


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